Saturday, July 13, 2024

Commitment to Safety


Our employees are our most valuable resource and it is the policy of Gethmann Construction to provide a healthy and safe workplace, GCI will abide by or exceed the requirements of all known safety, health laws and regulations. All necessary safety training and equipment is provided so that every employee can perform his or her job as safely as possible. Our goal is not just zero safety incidents. It is our core belief that maintaining a consistent emphasis on employee safety plays a crucial role in our overall success as a company. Safety is the responsibility of every individual at all levels of our organization.

Priority #1 — Safety

GCI believes in instilling a strong safety culture. We want all employees to understand they are valued and that their personal safety is our first priority. 


Our emphasis on employee safety starts with training. New employee orientation begins with a Gethmann specific safety presentation and then 10-hour OSHA. Every GCI employee participates in ongoing training including weekly toolbox training, bi-weekly safety meetings, annual training, and specialty training.


  • Certified Equipment Operators
  • NCCCO Certified Crane Operators
  • 10-Hour OSHA Construction For All Employees
  • 30-Hour OSHA Construction For All Supervisors
  • CPR/1st Aid/AED Training Provided As Needed
  • Excavation Competent Person Certification
  • Rigger/Signalperson Qualification
  • CDL Licensed drivers
Gethmann is proud to partner with industry leaders to continuously monitor our safety standards. Once the appropriate OSHA training certification is complete they move on to additional general safety training through WorkerSafe. WorkerSafe is utilized throughout employment to maintain annual safety training requirements and updates. Safety is constantly evolving, and we are always looking at ways to improve our safety practices.

The overall success of a project is directly related to the safety performance of the contractors. At Gethmann Construction, project pre-planning is the first step to ensure the safe execution of work. Proper pre-planning helps to ensure all necessary safety measures are in place and prevents delays throughout the project. Pre-mobilization meetings, safety kick-off meetings, and daily pre-task brief meetings are all utilized as part of GCI's pre-planning process. Additionally, any changes in scope are addressed immediately so proper modifications can be made to adjust the safety plan accordingly.



Gethmann Construction is committed to exceeding the standards set by our customers on safety and compliance. GCI makes all necessary investments in our employees and practices to earn safety pre-qualification from industry-leading compliance and certification groups. Gethmann is dedicated to providing the highest level of safety training. GCI is focused on maintaining a proven safety record to deliver on the expectations of our clients. GCI ensures we consistently maintain the safest possible workplace for all employees and everyone accessing our job sites.