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Gethmann Construction offers crane services to assist with your project completion no matter how large or small. We have a fleet of both rough terrain (RT) and crawler cranes that can be available for the entire length of a project or for a single lift. We have the technology and expertise to provide you with safe and reliable lifting. All of our operators are NCCCO certified for crane operation and rigging. 

Lift Planning & Consulting

Proper lift planning and preparation is the first step to the execution of a successful lift of any scale. GCI is equipped with the right tools and experience to assist with this important task. We can provide 3D lift planning services to show how the lift will be executed. Lift plans include the crane capacity and how this will be performed in the surrounding environment. Critical lift planning and consulting services are also available for review and assistance with complex lifts.

Crane Options

We provide you with experienced crane operators and cranes to supply a solution for your lifting needs. We have rough terrain and crawler cranes available ranging from 90 tons to 275+ tons and larger cranes can be obtained if needed. Our cranes selection:


  • Grove GRT 9165
  • Grove GRT 8120
  • Grove RT 9130e
  • American HC185 Crawler
  • American HC125 Crawler
  • Terex HC275 Crawler
Crane Rental

Gethmann Construction offers the rental of our crane and licensed operator. We can provide everything needed for the lift including the crane, rigging, and matting. Pricing, duration, and availability for crane rental varies. Please contact us for more information.

Rigging relates to all the activities to attach the load to the crane safely, including appropriate straps, chains or other accessories. The process ensures the crane can lift the required weight and checking the equipment is in working order before proceeding. All of our crane operators are certified riggers, capable of coordinating the rigging of the load to ensure the safety of the lift. Gethmann can supply all of the rigging equipment to complete the job.